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PD108 - 2064 Vent Outswing Door & Transom



  • Frame depths of 115 mm (4 1/2’’)

  • 44.5mm  (1 3/4’’) 24 Gauge Insulated steel door slab 

  • A low maintenance option for terrace door application with rain screen design (Pressure Equalized) 

  • Extruded screw spline joinery

  • A variety of fixed and operable inserts are available in different sizes

  • Interior or exterior glazed (Depending on swing orientation) Replaceable, high quality compression seals

  • Available with multipoint lock system 

  • Ideal for punched opening applications

  • 13mm thermal break permits split interior/exterior finishes

  • Strap anchor option makes installation easy

  • Accepts 25.4mm (1”) O/A Glazing for door insert & 15.8mm (5/8) for transom         

  • Tested to NAFS-CW, AAMMA and CSA requirements        

  • Finish in Duracron, Acrynar, Duranar (XL) and Anodized

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